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Sunday, October 14, 2012

How to Make a Stretch Bracelet

Oh, those trendy stretch bracelets how I love them!  Stack them or wear them by themselves, I gotta have them.

Ok you are seeing them everywhere these days and especially on your favorite celebrity.  These bracelets have come a long way from those of the past.  You can find them made with high end gemstones, swarovski crystals and adorned with sterling silver and gold vermeil charms. Check out the wrists of your favorite celebrities these days - chances are you'll see their wrists full stackable stretch bracelets! These bracelets are so much fun to make however there are some tricks to making stretchy bracelets that will last.   I have made a few stretch bracelets the past few days and I will share some of my secrets with you.

Coral Beads with hand wrapped mother of pearl briolette

The beads might be wooden, semi-precious stones, or even metal or crystals.  Some of them even have a charm hanging from them.

 Coral Beads with hand made sterling silver charm

Here are the materials you will need to make your bracelet:

STRETCH CORD: Some of the common brands include Stretch Magic, Powercord and Opelon. Many of the Jewelry and beading supply companies seem to have their own brand name and at least one brand can be found at your local craft store.  As with all stringing materials they come in different mm thicknesses.   For most of my stretch bracelets I like to use a .7mm.   They knot easily and fit through most of the holes in the beads I used  
BEADS: Well of course you are going to need beads.  I used all the left over beads I had from previous projects. 
GS HYPO CEMENT:  I use a drop of GS Hypo cement on everyone on of my knots.  Just to make sure the knot will stay.  I like to knot my bracelets.  You will see some bracelets that have a crimp bead to close the two ends.  Personally I don't like seeing the crimp bead on my bracelets all I want to see is a bracelet filled with beautiful beads.

 Amonzite beads with coral pendant

Now let's make our bracelet!
1.  Choose your beads.  Decide if you will arrange randomly or use a pattern.  Personally I just arrange randomly and I like all my beads to be the same.  
2.   Pull enough stretchy cord off the spool to start putting your beads on it.  I don't cut my string off yet.  I use the spool as a stopper for my beads. 
4. The average sized bracelet is 7" - 7.5" (17.78cm - 19.05cm)
5.  Once you have the bracelet the way you like it, take each side of the stretch cord and tie one overhand knot and pull it tightly – as hard as you can.   Tie a second overhand knot and pull it tightly.  Or tie a surgeons knot once.

6. Apply a drop of GS Hypo cement to the knot and let it dry for at least 2 hours.

7.Once dry cut off the excess cord from the knot.

AND that's it.  Now you have a cute stretch bracelet just like the celebrities!

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  1. Thanks for telling us how you make those! They are very beautiful and I always wondered how they were made. Good idea to put a drop of cement on the knot to make sure it stays.