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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Making Gift Baskets

Today I put together the cutest little gift basket for one of my favorite little girls, Sofi, who is turning 10!  Instead of just giving her a boring gift card, I found inexpensive items at Tuesday Morning, Walgreens, Hobby Lobby and the Dollar Store and created a Pink and Green Gift Basket for her birthday.

Gift Baskets are so fun and easy to make you just need to keep a few things in mind.  After you come up with a Theme for your basket, keep these few things in mind and you will have an awesome looking gift for someone!
  • One trick is to fill the bottom of the basket with packing peanuts or old newspaper. This will give the illusion of a fuller basket and make the gifts easier to see.
  • Over the 'peanuts', place a thick layer of basket filler. This can be colored shred or tissue paper. Overfill the basket as it will be weighted down as items are added.
  • Begin adding the biggest and tallest items toward the middle or back.
  • To hold some items in place, use tape to attach them to each other or to the container. The deep filling makes it easier to keep things still by "sinking" them in a bit.
  • Continue arranging gifts and then "fill out" the look of the basket. Make sure the paper or shred shows through. Fill in with more, if necessary. Add little items such as wrapped candies, silk flowers, Christmas ornaments, pine cones or whatever works with the theme. 
  • Finally you will need some cellophane to complete the basket.  I used shrink wrap that I have to say is soooooo fun to use.  Tape your shrink wrap around the basket, then get your hair dryer and watch the magic!  

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