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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Homecoming Mums

It is that time of year again. Football season has started and now it is time for the big Homecoming Game.  And in Texas, homecoming mums are as big a deal as the game.  The mum is the beautiful adornment (I use that term lightly) given to a girl by a special someone.  She wears the mum during school on Friday and during the big game that night. The mums have gotten so elaborate.  These days the bigger the better.  I have even seen some girls wear a mum that is so heavy they can not pin it to their shirt they have to  wear it around their neck!  Yep, that must be a 10 pounder!

Mums are not cheap either, they can run up to $200 bucks!  But, If you can staple and operate a glue gun, homecoming mums are so easy and fun to make.  To make a homecoming mum, start out with a circular cardboard disc which you staple ribbon streamers to and build your "frame" for your mum.  Then on the back of the disc start stapling streamers and trinkets.  The more streamers the better!! Add, charms, sparkles, bells (the more noise the better),  lights, or anything you can to simply make it "BIG".  Then your last step is to hot glue your mum on and don't forget your bear.  Here is the one I just finished making for my son.  If you notice, I have left the last number off on the year.  He hasn't found a date yet so I don't want to commit myself to anything just yet.  This one ended up being 3 1/2 ft long.  You can find a full step by step video here.

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