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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Decorate Your Porch For Fall

As soon as the temperatures start to fall and the leaves change color it gets me in the mood to decorate my front porch for fall.   It is so fun and easy to do!  I have put together a few ideas that will help you spruce up your front porch for the changing season.  The ideas below can be easily created using supplies you find in your yard or by taking a quick trip to your local garden or hobby store.
First and foremost, dress your front door with a fall Wreath.  You can purchase a lovely wreath at sites like Etsy, but wreaths are so easy and fun to make.  Purchase a grapevine wreath at your local hobby store along with some floral wire and hot glue you will have all the fixins' to make a gorgeous fall wreath.  Collect some natural elements from your yard and attach them to the wreath with either hot glue or floral wire.  Whether your wreath is simple or elaborate a wreath on your front door will welcome all guests with a taste of fall.

Image Source: BHG

 Image Source:  ETSY

Image Source: HGTV

Get some Mums! This is the time that most stores do away with the regular summer perennials and it becomes mum time. Mums are my favorite fall plant and they come in so many beautiful colors. You'll be able to find pots of mums at the grocery store and home improvement stores.  A few pots of mums go a long way in the porch decorating scheme of things. The mums can be an accent or a focal point and they add such a nice texture to the front porch.

Image Source: BHG

Image Source: BHG

Image Source: BHG
Pumpkins and Gourds are perfect for a fall porch! Add some small pumpkins and a few large pumpkins for a splash of fall color to your porch.  Don't carve your pumpkins so they will last longer.  Try grouping several pumpkins of different sizes together.  When you group like items together it creates depth and interest.  I also love white and green pumpkins.  They create a more modern look.  Think outside the box and place your pumpkin in a planter to add elevation and interest to your front porch.  Paint or lightly carve your address numbers on each pumpkin for an original idea.  Finally you can line them on the sides of your steps to direct guest to the front door.

Image Source: EAB Designs

source: bhg

A large porch can handle a couple bales of hay.  Stack bales hay on your porch, add your mums and pumpkins and you have got a great looking classic fall porch.  Don't forget your Wreath!

 Image Source:  PotteryBarn

Happy Decorating!

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