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Monday, August 13, 2012

For the love of burlap

I LOVE burlap! Burlap is a very versatile fabric that can add dimension, texture and interest to your space. This fabric has gained popularity since the days when it was only used as grain and coffee sacks (even though we love those too). It can now be seen as furniture upholstery, table linens, accent bedding, and drapery fabrics. The great thing about burlap is that is can be added to any space no matter what the style or decor. It goes well with fun and funky fabrics as well as traditional silks. The best thing about burlap is that it is cheap, cheap, cheap! It can be found for as low as $1.50 a yard!!! At that price, it's a trend you can easily incorporate into any space.As an interior designer I love to use burlap in my designs.  It is inexpensive and it adds such a nice texture to your design.  It is also so, French!  Below are some of my favorite uses of burlap.

Source (1)

Using it on a bulletin board is such an easy way to incorporate it into your interiors.  These bulletin boards are from ballard designs but you can easily make these yourself.  Buy and inexpensive bulletin board from your local craft store and just staple gun the fabric around it.  I always put fabric around my bulletin boards.  This one has an extra element of some upholstery tacks.

source (1) (2)

These drapes are also from Ballard Designs.  I have used these in many of my clients homes.  They again add an unexpected element to your design.

Source (1)

You can upholster funiture with burlap as well.  This chair would be so cute if you stenciled the initial of your last name right in the center of the back.  OOOOOH so Chic!

The one thing you do need to remember about burlap is that it is a natural fiber.  Before you make a commitment to anything, I would recommend you going to your local fabric store and buying a yard of it and making sure you don't mind the texture of it.

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