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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

How to add a signature to your blog posts

I have had so much fun the past few days redesigning the Artisan Crafted blog.  I thought I would share some of the things I have learned with you.

Let's Add A Personal Signature To The End of Every Post.

It is really easy and is a fun way to add personality to your blog!  I will show you what worked for me.

First you need to create your signature. You can open up pixelmator, paint, gimp, pixlr, or any other photo editing program you choose. Create yourself a signature with whatever fonts you want and add some cute clip art if you like.  Once I created my signature, I saved it as a .png file so that it had a transparent background.

After you have created your signature then you will need to upload it to Photobucket.
Login > Upload > and select your signature .png.

Once it has uploaded hover over the image and a little box should pop up. Highlight and copy the Direct Link code, you are going to use it in just a minute.
It will look like this…

Next login to your Blogger dashboard. Click on Template and the edit HTML.

When You click Edit HTML Blogger is going to pop up a warning box. Just click “Proceed”.

Now you will need to check mark the box that says “Expand Widget Templates” in the top left hand corner.

Click your cursor anywhere in the text box and then click Ctrl F or Command F [for mac]. You should see a “Find” box on your screen. Mine is at the bottom of my screen …

Then paste the following code into your “Find Box”
Once you find that piece of code paste this code BELOW it.  REMEMBER:  (url_of_your_signature_image is the direct link you copied from photobucket)
<p><div align="left"><img src="url_of_your_signature_image"/></div></p>
Then you can click PREVIEW and make sure everything looks okay. If it looks good, then SAVE TEMPLATE!  
Now you have a beautiful signature at the end of every post!

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