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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Inexpensive Ways to Decorate a Dorm Room

It is that time of year again, and as many of you head off to college and are trying to decorate those boring dorm rooms I thought I would share with some of my ideas to make your room a bit more like home.

Decorate Your Walls:

Use vinyl wall decals to add a bit of color to the walls.  Its an easy way to decorate without damaging the walls.  They are peel and stick decals and when you are done simply pull them off and you would never know they were there! Vinyl wall decals can be found on the web or at your local craft store or even at Target. 

Use 3M Command hooks to hang a collection of your favorite items that you use every day.  In this picture purses were hung on the wall and it adds a pop of color and interest.  Another idea would be to hang hats or ties!  With storage an issue, what better way do store your favorite collections. Again 3M Command hooks go up and come off easily without damage to the walls.


Purchase some inexpensive curtains and hang them to add a bit of warmth to your room.  And YES you can use those trusty 3M Command hooks to hang those rods!

The Bed:

Make the bed your focal point. Find mix and match bedding at Marshalls or TJ Maxx so you dont spend a fortune. This cute bedding set was found at Target for only $39.99!


Lighting is key, and if you've only been using one fluorescent overhead light plus a desk lamp, do yourself a favor and bring in a lamp. Look in your parents' garage or resale shops to see what's possible. Sometimes just adding a new lampshade can make all the difference to an old lamp.  Lamps help soften the space and make for more flattering light and a warm ambiance.


Bringing a little bit of life inside makes a world of difference. Add easy succulents to your room for  a bit of color and texture. 

Keep It Simple:

This is may be the best tip of all.   IN a small space, it's not always about cramming it full of stuff.  Sometimes simplifying your possessions is what actually makes your living space more liveable. And since a dorm room is usually your home for no more than 9 months, take advantage of living simply.

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